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The Sativa Preservation Society knows the value of preserving genetics.

Cannabis has been going through a period where a lot of the strains that produce interesting effects have been pushed aside for traits that make it easier to grow. Just like potatoes and tomatoes, American cannabis is becoming a monocrop. Most plants today have been heavily crossed with indica genetics that produce small, high-weight yielding plants with very short flowering cycles. These plants are not growing like they would in the wild.

Most weed you see on shelves today is like a KFC chicken, too fat to walk on its own legs and genetically modified for maximum profit.

The hazes that we are cultivating are like wild elk. They haven't been tamed, and so, haven’t been forced into the same boxes.

Pheno Hunt by POSIBL

Coming across genetics like this is already a rarity. And that's just the beginning. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to find phenotypes of Haze like this that are stable enough to produce consistent flower.

This is called a “pheno hunt” - a long process of planting and popping seeds, selecting for the individuals that have the best traits so they can be then selected again, and so forth. In this case, the Haze’s are selected primarily for very unique terpene profiles that produce weird and energetic effects.

These are incredibly rare and sought after genetics, and we are the only ones in America to have them in the legal market.

What makes these Strains different?

the genetics make it feel like a cup of coffee.

On the East Coast in the late 90's and early 2000’s you could find it as “the Piff” or “frankies,” a nod to the distinct, rich frankincense nose that the flowers produce. Dealers could ask over $800 an ounce, and people would pay it. Why? Because of the way it makes you feel! This is weed for people who have shit to do.

Rather than giving you a heavy lidded feeling, these true Sativas will peel your eyelids back and make you energized.

The first iteration of the Sativa Preservation Society will be focused on 3 strains,

all of which were cultivated by Neville Schoenmaker in the 1980s and are the grandmothers of basically all of the sativa hybrids you know and love.

The Strains are:

  • C5 Haze - Most of the Sativas you’ve ever heard of can trace their lineage back to C5 Haze. Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough all come from C5. A “start you up” sativa that might as well be called “Cappuccino 5.” The team favorite at Space Coyote!
  • Uptown Haze (A5 Haze) - Uptown Haze is an East Coast Phenotype from the A5 lineage. A5 was a favorite of the coffee shop scene in Amsterdam in the early 1990’s. Of the three Neville’s Haze strains that the Sativa Preservation Society is offering, this one has the most “frankies” or Frankincense terpenes.
  • Cuban Black Haze - A legendary cut of Haze from NYC. Also known as “the Piff", this spicy, nutty sativa used to fetch over $2000 an OUNCE (yes, that's right!!). Made famous by a group of young Cuban dealers back in the Chinese delivery days. Affectionately known as “methampheta-weed” by the Sativa Preservation Society crew, this isn’t something to be puffing on after sundown... unless that’s your style.

We will have these three strains available in both eighths, and as infused prerolls.

We want to keep any and all historically important strains alive, and we do that by voting with our dollar.

If people don't start to appreciate weed for more than just a gelato cross, these insanely cool strains will go extinct.

Let’s change that together.