The Josh Craig: Artist Creates COVID-19 Relief Album

April 2021

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The Josh Craig

For over a year, Space Coyote has been collaborating with artist The Josh Craig. We’ve hosted private events together, published zines, and have more groovy plans in the works. The Josh Craig (TJC) is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer, DJ & visual artist.

TJC’s music reflects the everyday journey that is living as an involved artist in a city that never sleeps. It paints vivid pictures of life on the road in the driver’s seat. Often blending genres, he has a one of a kind style and flavorful stage presence.

TJC is a self-professed daydreamer. Leaning on analog approaches of expression, he works with a variety of mediums. These include print magazines, analog synthesizers, mixed reality software, linen canvas, VHS cameras, and cassette players.

Whether creating zines or composing music, his focus is always creating things that will last. Born in northern New Jersey, TJC has traveled the world most of the last decade, with Brooklyn as his home base. Therefore, TJC’s inspirations are always his surroundings and the boundless energy of imagination.

The Josh Craig

Composing for COVID-19 Support

Always creating, TJC just released an album for COVID-19 relief. Check out the album Quarantine20 here. He answers the call for which new sounds of music represent COVID-19 resilience with a 5 track live cassette recording.

All profits from the sale of this album go towards purchasing seeds and resources for a garden that will provide food for low-income homes in the Tri-State area. In this way, TJC is building food security in the face of a pandemic.

“I looked around my bedroom studio (aka SECTOR 99) at all my electronic instruments and said now is the time to bring it all together. Now is the time to make the dystopian sound that represents the current emotions of humanity.”

The album spans from Ambient to Techno to Lo-Fi Minimal and to a New Wave Psychedelic Hip-Hop fusion. It’s a perfect example of TJC bringing past and present together for something original. It was recorded live analog directly to Type IV Metal Tape on YAMAHA MT8X Multitrack Cassette Recorder with zero computers or DAW interference. Notably, the 36 min, 5 track album is designed to be listened to from start to finish.

Read Before Pressing Play

TJC has recommendations for when and how to listen to the album…

Best listened to at 12:00PM in a seated position with eyes closed after taking 3 deep breaths, in and out, exhaling slowly on the final breath. This is an audio meditation. Please listen in a private setting with headphones at a comfortable volume. Some frequencies may be unsettling but that is just your body reacting to new sounds. All is well. Enjoy!

Follow The Josh Craig’s work and travels at @thejoshcraig and learn more at

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The Josh Craig
The Josh Craig
The Josh Craig