Meet Space Coyote’s 1:1 CBD:THC Joints (Feat. Chemistry)

April 2021

People have been buggin’ out for years… and finally! Introducing a 1:1 CBD:THC resin joint that has the power to still get you glazed. Why is THC so important to include? And (most importantly) how are Space Coyote + Chemistry 1:1 Resin Joints a cut above the rest?

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Why Space Coyote THC + CBD Prerolls?

We at Space Coyote are known for our far-out, concentrate-infused prerolls… and for good reason.

Rolled with high quality, high potency extracts… Our joints pack a punch that gets you glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic.

But what was the one thing we consistently heard budtenders asking for?

Space Coyote High-CBD joints.

Does that mean we released the same, chump CBD prerolls flooding the market?

You know that’s not our groove.

We’re here to declare: CBD and THC go hand-in-hand…

In fact, it’s been shown that complementary compounds actually help THC reach its highest potential… Specifically; natural compounds found within cannabis.

Here’s the lowdown.

CBD has been shown to both:

We all think that’s pretty far out. And that’s exactly why we created this high-CBD joint paired perfectly with a healthy dose of THC.

Another reason we’re howling with joy over our 1:1 resin joints? (See what we did there?)

Anyone who’s tried our psychedelic, infused-joints can tell you: those babes are strong.

So, naturally, we wanted to make something stellar yet designed as more of a “daily smoke”… Especially when compared to our non-CBD joints.

These doobies are closer to a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, depending on the batch. (Percentages are always listed on the packaging, and below, so you can always double-check).

How did we do this?

By blending oh-so-sticky CBD-rich herb, with mouthwatering, THC-potent, full-spectrum resin from Chemistry.

This galactic blend is perfect before work, after work, with friends, or even quiet nights at home… They’re ideal for any time of day!

Closeup of sticky cannabis bud

What Makes Space Coyote + Chemistry 1:1 Resin Joints So Solid?

First, you already know we create our prerolls with the utmost quality.

This starts with using delicious 100% full flower… Sourced from happy, thriving plants grown under the sun and stars, no less. Never any trim here!

Thankfully, the concentrate brands we collaborate with share our unwavering dedication to quality… it’s one of the many things that bring us together.

Chemistry not only vibes completely with our quality standards, but they also have some of the most radical levels of excellence around.

Regenerative farming techniques on cannabis farms, pictured

This includes:

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: we believe in the small, independent farms of our community.


Feeling inspired?

Read more about Chemistry’s story here. (Check out their Instagram to add some color to your feed).

What else makes this pairing so bodacious?

Remember when we said THC and CBD are total bosom buddies?

We made this groovy dream a reality by combining:

This isn’t by chance, either… No way, man!

We pick our mouthwatering flower specifically for its genetics… Taking its effects and terpene profile into account.

Then, it’s paired with a single-cultivar concentrate that allows both strains to work in concert together… Creating a delicious, smooth smoke.

Now, that’s flower power!

There isn’t a product like this anywhere on the market… Especially not one produced by such groovy, high-grade companies.

Space Coyote and Chemistry high CBD prerolls on denim jacket

Think CBD “Isn’t Potent Enough”? Think Again…

We’re going after two main groups with these 1:1 resin joints:

This goes back to our dedication to full-spectrum, balanced cannabinoid profiles.

Sure, your CBD-only joint seemed like a waste of breath… But paired with the perfect amount of THC, it’ll be a cosmic catapult to a good time.

We can assure you: this is not the low-dose product you’re used to seeing.

What Could a Cool-Cat Like You Expect After Smoking Space Coyote’s 1:1 Resin Joint?

These delectable joints will leave your mind and body completely relaxed and satisfied. Hop aboard a velvety cloud and sail around the cosmos with us.

These cosmic rolls are key in showing that CBD joints don’t have to be a bore, and extract-infused prerolls don’t have to be overwhelmingly strong… There’s something for every occasion!

Space Coyote + Chemistry high CBD joints on western-looking rug with tassels

Why Collabs in the First Place?

Above all: Collaborations are the Jimi to our Hendrix at Space Coyote.

In short, we believe artists should be celebrated for their craft… And craft extract artisans aren’t any different.

Sure, it’s easy to find a private-label extract and slap our logo on it… But where’s the community in that?

Space Coyote wouldn’t be the stellar brand we are without our awesome extraction friends. That’s why you’ll find their logo featured prominently on our packaging, it’s a team effort.

We’ll source and curate the flower and extract pairing… Then we add delicious concentrates from brands you know and love to our cosmic joints.

Space Coyote and Chemistry’s high CBD joints on concrete with groovy lights

Space Coyote + Chemistry 1:1 CBD:THC Resin Joints Breakdown

Now comes the fun part!

We’re ecstatic to introduce our Space Coyote 1:1 CBD:THC Resin Joints line… Featuring both a Sativa and an Indica variety, both 1-gram each! Below is the pairing information for the first batches of this release; note that future batches may feature varying cultivars and farms.

Sativa 1:1 Resin Joint:

Indica 1:1 Resin Joint:

Best of all?

All the flower sourced is from the one-and-only Mendocino County in Northern California.

Boogie on down to some of our favorite shops (search our dispensary map here) to get glazed with these joints for yourself!