Full Moon in Pisces: Channel Your Creative Genius

April 2021

The following article was written by Space Coyote’s Resident Cosmic Guide Kristina Bakrevski. Spark a joint under the Full Moon in Pisces, and connect with yourself and the cosmos. The Full Moon in Pisces is exact at 10:22pm PST on September 1, 2020, but the effects will be felt and the moon will appear full around August 31 – September 3.    

In astrology, the sun represents our conscious awareness and the moon is our subconscious realm. Full moons are the monthly opposition that happens when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the sky. The sun’s rays (our conscious mind) illuminate the surface of the moon (our inner world). This configuration has a tendency to bring light to what’s lurking beneath the surface. They reveal something we were previously unaware of. It can generate endings, completions of a cycle, and act as a cosmic sweep casting energy out that no longer serves us.

Pisces & Neptune.

This week, the Full Moon in mystical and ethereal Pisces aligns with the planet Neptune Tuesday night, setting our intuitive perception on overdrive. Our sensitivity to everything becomes intensified, uniting us to the interconnected web of Universal Love.  

You see, Neptune is the cosmic soup that we all came from and acts as a dissolving agent to whatever it touches. It disintegrates the separation between the ego and the collective consciousness, uniting us individually to the whole. At best, it reminds us of our connection to the divine. It’s the part of us that is transcended by ego. It’s associated with dreams, the unseen realm, and the astral world. At worst, it has the power to distort truth into fantasy, reality into an illusion. Neptune is also our drive to escape and disassociate when life becomes too much to bear. It can be a warm, healing salve for the soul or the paranoid ramblings of a madman. Either way, the influence of Neptune is rarely seen but always felt. We are almost always under Neptune’s spell in some form or another.

Sun in Virgo.

Opposite this concentration of highly mystical energy with the full moon and Neptune in Pisces, is the Sun in practical, earthy Virgo. The best creations are made and the most brilliant ideas are put into action when we are able to harness divine inspiration into something tangible. This full moon is about taking what we see in our visions for ourselves and for the world and creating systems and structures that support this vision. The Virgo Sun asks us what pragmatic measures we are taking to channel our creative genius?

The Pisces/Virgo axis wants us to trust our intuition and connect with the divine while also taking the necessary action steps to bring your visions to life. Spend some time writing about any intuitive downloads you receive this week. These visions are coming to you for a reason because they want to be birthed. If you can allow yourself to be awakened by the divine spark within you, you’ll have made good use of this full moon.

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