Full Moon in Aries: If it’s not a FUCK YES, it’s a No

April 2021

What’s up Space Coyotes!

Hope you’re ready to get glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic with us. There’s a full moon in Aries happening this Thursday, October 1st at 2:05 pm PST. Our resident Cosmic Guide, Kristina Bakrevski breaks down the energy of this month’s full moon. Spark a joint under the night sky, and connect with yourself and the cosmos.

Full Moon in Aries

Full moons are a monthly energetic climax in the lunar cycle. It’s a time of release and culmination to a story. Our emotions are more visible to our conscious awareness, making them hard to ignore under these lunations. Usually, around this time, something is illuminated, whether it’s a subtle realization or it’s staring you in the face.

You can work with the moon to release energetic cords with people and situations you’re ready to let go of. All it takes is your conscious awareness. So, spend some time on Thursday evening journaling about what is coming up for you emotionally. If you’re ready to say goodbye for good, write something down on a piece of paper and (safely!) burn it as a symbolic gesture to yourself and to the moon that you’re ready for something new. Regularly clearing our energetic and physical space is crucial for calling in new blessings.

When we make time to honor the moon, she honors us back.

Aries – Meaning & Energy

On Thursday, the moon will reach fullness in the sign of Aries, opposite the Sun currently in the sign of Libra. This axis represents our selfhood/individuality (Aries) and our relationships with others (Libra). Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Its symbol is the ram, and its mantra is “I Am.” Aries energy is associated with the fire element, which can also be seen as our will and our inspiration. That initial intuitive download you get to create something and the desire to act on that inspiration is at the crux of the Aries spirit.

Each sign is “ruled” by a planetary body and for Aries, that is the planet Mars. Since ancient history, Mars has been viewed as the god of war. As a planet in the sky and an archetype within us, it symbolizes our desires, our motivations, how we act on things, what turns us on. Mars is also our courage to see things through and our relationship to our anger and rage. When we get angry over an injustice or assert ourselves in any way, our Mars archetype is being activated.

Mars Retrograde

Mars has been stationed retrograde since September, adding another layer to this week’s lunar experience. If we look at Mars in the night sky, it will appear as if it’s moving backward. Of course, it isn’t actually moving backward, but traditional astrologers mark retrograde activity as a time where the planetary energy is directed within ourselves, as opposed to outward into the world. It’s a time for reflection on all of our “Mars issues.”

This full moon is illuminating the themes arising out of our own personal Mars retrograde story. Therefore, we are being invited to align our heads with our hearts, and have the courage it takes to go after our deepest desires. It’s not a time to hide or run away from that thing we really want to act on. Any frustration or anger that is felt within could be because we are acting out of alignment with ourselves in some way.

We can work with this full moon to purge and release anything that doesn’t fully resonate with our passions. Can you allow yourself to be really real with yourself for a second? What is that burning desire of yours, aching to manifest and realize itself? Your desires are given to you for a reason. They’re the compass for our heart, and the more we can make space for them to exist, the more we truly get out of life.

If it’s not a full-body FUCK YES, then it’s a No.

Saturn & Pluto

Other key players for this full moon are Saturn and Pluto, both currently making a square (90-degree angle) to Mars. This type of angle between the planets causes friction or forces us to take action in some way. Saturn represents rules, restrictions, and boundaries. Forcing anything right now will feel heavy. Saturn asks us to have patience and to build the proper foundations and structures that will support us in where we are trying to go. Pluto is all about death and rebirth, urging us towards the transformation our soul is craving.

Mars retrograde is a period of asking ourselves “what do I truly want for myself?” If you can take some time to tap into this full moon, the answer to that question might reveal itself. But only if you have the courage to be 100% honest with yourself. Give yourself permission to be selfish for a moment. This word “selfish” gets a bad rap, but it’s an act of self-sabotage to overgive and rarely consider our own needs. Are we honoring our own needs in our closest partnerships? If you are a chronic over-giver, it’s time to ask for reciprocity and not feel shame or guilt for it. Because you deserve to receive as much as you’re giving.

Birth Chart Reading

For a more nuanced perspective on this full moon, use your birth chart to identify what house Aries is in to see which area of your life might be influenced. If you’d like a full birth chart breakdown, you can book a reading with Kristina and use the code “SPACECOYOTE” for 10% off your consultation, good until Sunday, October 4, 2020.

Kristina Bakrevski is an Art Alchemist + Modern Mystic, empowering others through the Art of Astrology. Her passion for the planets began at a young age when she first heard Carl Sagan proclaim that “we are the children of stardust” sparking an intense, lifelong connection to the cosmos. She is a practicing Witch, harnessing the energy of the moon to create the most fulfilling life possible, living in Los Angeles with her cat Duchess.