Dry Farming Cannabis: Regenerative & Rad

April 2021

Ever wonder how the weed you blaze is grown? Maybe you’ve heard of regenerative agriculture. What about dry farming? At Space Coyote, we care deeply about how the cannabis we source is cultivated, focusing both on quality and environmental impact. That makes us what we like to call “Eco-Stoners”. We always source high quality and high potency flower and extracts, while prioritizing low-impact grow methods like dry farming.

What exactly is an Eco-Stoner, you ask? Simply put, it’s someone who loves to smoke delicious, high grade, sustainably grown weed…in abundance. Some examples of sustainably grown cannabis include sungrown farming, lunar farming, regenerative farming, and dry farming.

Intrigued? Light one up and join us on a cosmic adventure as we dive into the trippy world of dry farming!

Dry Farming 101

One of our favorite things about dry farming cannabis is that it boosts the flavor profiles and potency of the flower. Simultaneously, it conserves massive amounts of water and energy in the process. In other words, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get high.

Believe it or not, dry farming cannabis will go a whole season without ever being watered. And the plants receive no additional nutrients or pesticides. Plus, they grow outdoors under the sun and stars, so the need for electricity is cut.

The plant relies solely on its own survival instincts and well-managed, nutrient-rich soil to find the water table below. Following traditional processes, the plant receives water as it grows from a germinated seed to a clone. Once it’s put in the ground, however, it’s never watered again.

As a result, the plant’s roots must grow downward in search of water. It shoots its root system down to an underground water source, growing as far as 20-30 feet below! This can only happen on land with close proximity to riverbeds, and in an area with warm summers and cool, wet winters.

As the plant’s roots deepen, so do the flavors and potency of the herb! For example, if you were to dry farm a strawberry, it would yield a smaller strawberry. (Yes, you can dry farm fruits and veggies too!) However, the flavor would be more pronounced because the fruit isn’t filled with as much water as a conventionally grown strawberry. So, when it comes to dry farming cannabis, luckily the same principles apply. (Shout out to Mother Earth). The plant yields dense, higher potency, flavor-filled flower power!

Cosmic Collaborations

Being Eco-Stoners, we were immediately intrigued by dry farming when learning about it. Fast forward… Now Space Coyote’s collaborations feature some of the best dry farmed herb, diamonds, and hash in the galaxy.

Tasty Terps

One of our favorite regenerative farms is Eel River Organics. They’re a Humboldt County staple, growing cannabis amongst the iconic Avenue of the Giants. The farm’s nutrient-dense silt soil allows the plant’s taproots to access the groundwater along the Eel River. The plants thrive in rich soil made up of remnants of some of the oldest beings on Planet Earth, the ancient redwoods. (Hits the weed)

dry farming cannabis

In search of another cosmic adventure, our trusty Space Coyote Taste Force paired this dry farmed flower with Eel River’s delicious THCa diamonds. And thus, a new stargate was born; Space Coyote’s Diamond Joints.

Our “Sativa Diva” on the roster is a groovy blend of Ancient Lime flower and Dairy Queen diamonds. Since this Iranian landrace strain has never been hybridized, Ancient Lime’s aromas are a bright burst of citrus zest followed by a sweet pine sap and a mineral earth finish.

The Indica pairing is slightly psychedelic with a blend of Third Eye herb and Platinum Mermaid diamonds. This 100% cosmic combination delivers the interstellar deep dive we all truly desire. The unique characteristics of Eel River’s terroir showcase expressive terpene profiles that you enjoy every time you spark up one of our diamond infused pre-rolls.

Groovy Fact of the Day: Once diamonds are heated to about 220 degrees (the flick of a lighter), THCa converts to pure THC. This extra punch of potency gives you a mildly psychedelic burst of energy that washes over you. (Relights the jay)

Single Estate Cultivation

Another regenerative farm we love is Southern Humboldt’s Sunboldt Grown. It’s a small family farm passionate about dry farming, and set amongst ancient redwood trees. Our friendship goes back before Space Coyote first launched. Since then, we’ve sourced their flower and hash made with their flower for our joints.

dry farming cannabis

We collaborated with Sunboldt Grown on a limited release Single Estate Joint. This hybrid joint features delicious dry farmed Loopy Fruit flower paired with a mind-expanding Wanderlust ice water hash. (The hash is made by our friends at Nasha Extracts). Both of these strains were created by Sunboldt’s lead farmer, geneticist, and proprietor Sunshine Johnston. Her commitment to regenerative farming and quality over quantity has made Sunboldt a respected member of the Northern California cannabis community.

So, what do you think? Are you an Eco-Stoner now too? We sure hope so! Not only does the process of dry farming result in incredible resin profiles and high THC contents, it also helps conserve water and energy. So, you can simultaneously protect the plant and get glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic. Long live the Eco-Stoner.